Review: CBDfx CBD Gummies

by Kwaoon March 30, 2020
Cannabidiol or CBD is a chemical compound derived from Hemp, a cousin of Cannabis. CBD is one of the most essential components of the Marijuana plant. There has been a lot of research into CBD which has revealed that it possesses a lot of health benefits. In fact, studies have revealed that CBD is unique […]

Review: How to Recognize Quality CBD Tincture & Why CBDfx’s Tincture Oils are the Best

by Andrew Ton March 28, 2020
Quality CBD tincture has been in existence for a fairly long time. Due to this, the tincture oil industry has grown greatly. The amazing growth of the tincture oil industry has brought about lots of low-quality tincture oils. It is, therefore, imperative that you know how to recognize quality tincture oils if you must get […]

USA Tobacco E-liquid Atomic Dog Vapor Review

by Kwaoon March 25, 2020
If you enjoy tobacco vapes, then you must try USA Tobacco. This e-liquid is one of the best tobacco blends you will ever try. USA Tobacco has the taste of fresh tobacco leaves. The rich tobacco flavor does not taste harsh or bitter. This Atomic Dog Vapor e-juice is produced with high-quality ingredients. USA Tobacco […]

Smilyn Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture Review

by Johnon March 19, 2020
Smilyn Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture was created for people who want to benefit from CBD as well as the cannabinoids and terpenes found in the hemp plant. This product has been tested over and over again to ensure that you get nothing but the best. Smilyn Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture is created for people with […]

Pink Punch Lemonade by Twist E-Liquid Review

by Kwaoon March 19, 2020
Pink Punch Lemonade by Twist E-Liquid is a refreshing vape juice that will add some brightness to your summer days. This combination of sweet-tart lemonade and berries is nothing short of amazing. Pink Punch Lemonade tastes just like strawberry lemonade. You will be blown away by fruity goodness with every puff. This is just the […]
What You Need To Know To Make Vape Juice At Home

What You Need to Know About Making Vape Juice at Home

by Francis Exeoraon March 1, 2020
It is easy to think that finding the perfect vape juice will be easy. The sad truth is that it might be hard to find the perfect e-juice. This is why many vapers like yourself begin to think “how can I make my vape juice?” some people think that making a vape juice yourself is […]

Disposable Pod Systems Review: ViiGo vs. Fogg vs. TWST

by Kwaoon February 24, 2020
If you are looking to buy a disposable pod vape pen, there are many devices to choose from. The three disposable pod systems that we’ll be looking at today – ViiGo, Fogg, and TWST – are among the most popular. Pod systems have gained a lot of popularity in recent years due to their simple, […]

Blackberry Ice E-juice by Atomic Dog Vapor Review

by Kwaoon February 22, 2020
If you enjoy blackberries and peppermint, then you are in for a treat. Blackberry Ice by Atomic Dog Vapor is a blend of berries and peppermint flavor. This e-liquid has a natural and refreshing taste that makes it ideal for the summer season. This e-juice will keep you feeling cool when the weather gets hot. […]

Full Spectrum CBD Soft Gel Review

by Matton February 17, 2020
Ready Hemp Go has its own take on CBD capsules. These are full spectrum CBD soft gels. What full spectrum CBD means is that this product contains all the cannabinoids that are found in the cannabis plant. Full spectrum products can be more effective. These soft gels are absorbed faster than normal capsules. So you […]

Root Beer Float by Atomic Dog Vapor Review

by Kwaoon January 11, 2020
Imagine sipping on the old-fashioned draft root beer with vanilla ice cream filling the cup? Such a product evokes different experiences in many users. But how many times have you seen a root beer e-juice? Perhaps you haven’t even heard about it. Atomic Dog Vapor brings you that experience, and root beer float vape juice […]