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Anarchist Mod Clone Review

by on November 28, 2015
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Summary : High quality clone at a great price.


I don’t use mechanical mods as much as I used to. I’ve been mostly sticking to a DNA30 device, and a Raptor box mod.  When I got the Anarchist mod in the mail from Wotofo Tech, I took it out of the box, and instantly wanted to give it a test drive. In the amount of time I’ve been using it, it’s become easily one of my favorite mods. Why is that?  Let’s talk about it.

This clone is a copy of the popular Anarchist Mod from Renegade Smith –  a made in the U.S.A. Mech mod, that is about impossible to find in stock. I can’t attest to the quality and build of the original or how close of a 1:1 this clone is,  as I’ve never had an authentic one. But if this is truly a 1:1, then there’s good reason it was cloned.

The Anarchist is somewhat a run-of-the-mill looking Mechanical Mod. The one I have is a brushed stainless steel finish, with “Anarchist” engraved around the bottom, with a small skull as well. The firing button is brass, has venting built in, has adjustable throw, and the Anarchy “A” logo engraved in it as well. It doesn’t have a locking ring on it, as the button is recessed within the housing, making ti not auto-fire when stood upright. The firing button also has another surprise once you take it apart. One that I didn’t expect, and I’ll get to a little later.

The Anarchist mod has copper pins for contacts, lending to it’s great conductivity. The 510 connection at the top is adjustable. Every single atomizer I’ve tried to use on this mod fit right off the bat, or with a little adjusting for battery rattle. The copper pin in the top cap that you adjust down onto your battery seemed a tiny bit wobbly when backing it out, but it never effected it’s performance.

I’ve owned quite a few mechanical mods, and had many come through for review, but I’ve never had a clone with threads as smooth as this one. with very little effort, I can get the top or bottom cap to spin in, and spin for far longer than I would assume giving the pressure I would spin it at. They did squeak a tiny bit, but it never made me think that the threads were poorly constructed. Also, when you’ve got them screwed in, the seams almost disappear.

Within the first few minutes of using this mod, I could feel the button felt different than any other I had used before. It seemed to take a little bit more pressure than normal to make it fire, something I chalked up to being a new spring inside of the button. But after a while, I decided to take the button assembly apart just to see what was in there. When I pulled the pieces apart, I was expected to be greeted with a spring, like any other mod, but I was not. Instead of a spring or magnets, it sports a tension ring. I’m not sure if this piece has a longer or shorter life than a normal spring, but either way, I’ll probably end up ditching it for a set of magnets.

If I end up having any issues with it down the road, I’ll make sure to give an update. For right now, I plan on keeping it a long time, so we will see how she does in the long run! I’m really impressed with what the people at Wotofo have done with this clone. It’s inexpensive, and seems to be fantastic quality.

Want to get yourself one, or sell them at your B&M? Here’s where you can check them out and order.


  • 18650 Mechanical Mod
  • Stainless Steel construction
  • 22mm in Diameter
  • Stainless Steel Switch Base
  • Brass Bottom Firing Button
  • Copper Firing Pin – Fully Adjustable
  • Copper Contact Pin – Sliding Fully Adjustable
  • Stainless Steel Top Cap
  • 510 Connection
  • Anarchist Logo – Firing Button
  • Adjustable Throw – Firing Button
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