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Vape Moar Smith’s Apple Eliquid Review

by Evelyn Morganon December 6, 2017
If you are an apple lover, then Smith’s Apple by Vape Moar is something that should be on your list. Trust me when I say this. This eliquid is made of the famous Granny Smith apple, and if you have no idea what that is, read my full review. Once upon a time… just kidding. […]

SMPL Juice Tropical Delight Eliquid Review

by Evelyn Morganon November 7, 2017
Tropical Delight by SMPL Juice is bringing all sorts of fruit flavors right to your tank! The name “tropical delight” itself already makes me think of the yummy fruit cocktail my mom will always make every summer or the Dole fruit cups with sweet fruit juice or heavy syrup. Yum! Excited now? Read my review […]

Cheap E-Juice Peach E-Liquid Review

by Evelyn Morganon October 25, 2017
Trick or treat?  Halloween is just around the corner and Cheap E-Juice got some splendid flavors to offer. Today, I will be reviewing the sweet vibrant earthy flavors of the Peach eliquid. To start with, here are some fun facts about peaches. First, they are my favorites. Second, they have a long history and they […]

Out The Box Tiger Berry E Juice Review

by Evelyn Morganon October 7, 2017
Remember when you were kids and you’d get pretty excited when you see your mom bought a box of cereals from the grocery? And then you and your siblings would race off on who will open it as you are excited to see the prize inside it. Ahh… cereals really do take me down the […]

Aspire X30 Rover Kit Review

by Evelyn Morganon September 16, 2017
To all mouth to lung vapers out there, here’s a sweet treat for you from Aspire! The company released a new starter kit that is meant to cater both beginners and intermediate vapers who are on the hunt for a good mouth to lung back-up kit. Introducing the lovely X30 Rover Kit, which features the […]