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Pineapple and Mango E-Juice by LYX Vapors Review

by Rebecca Grayon December 13, 2017
Pineapple and Mango is a delicious e-juice blend. This premium e-juice which has the primary flavors of fresh mangos and pineapples and is manufactured in the United States by LYX Vapors. Although this vaping company is new, it has amassed an incredible e-juice collection. LYX Vapors has made it a point to produce all its […]

Banana Nut Bread E-juice By ECBlend E-Liquid Flavors Review

by Rebecca Grayon October 31, 2017
Vapers who enjoy the taste of banana flavored e-liquids are in for a treat with Banana Nut Bread. Banana Nut Bread is a classic banana bread flavored e-liquid. This superb-tasting e-juice is manufactured in the United States by ECBlend E-Liquid Flavors. Besides ripe banana’s, this organic e-juice also has the flavor of chopped walnuts. The […]

Bruce Leechee E-Juice By The Mamasan Review

by Rebecca Grayon October 9, 2017
Mangoes have a fruity sweet and pleasant taste that is literally unmistakable. This unique mango flavor has been recreated by numerous e-juice manufacturers; some with more success than others. It is important to note that not all e-liquids on the market claiming to contain mango flavor tastes like mangos. Bruce Leechee is one of the […]

Orange Cherry by Juice Roll Upz Discount Codes

by Rebecca Grayon September 15, 2017
  Orange Cherry by Juice Roll Upz combines the flavors of plump oranges and ripe cherries to create a refreshing vaping experience. This e-juice is manufactured in Los Angels, California. Orange Cherry by Juice Roll Upz is ideal for vaping on a warm summer day. Orange Cherry is the fourth Juice Roll Upz flavor to […]

The Rocket Man E-Liquid by One Hit Wonder Review

by Rebecca Grayon August 24, 2017
Although there are thousands of e-juice flavors on the market, very few manufacturers have mastered the art of mixing e-liquids. Some e-liquid flavors don’t just cut it. Some e-juice on the market don’t taste like the flavors they are meant to have. Shopping for new e-liquids can get tricky for vapers. One Hit Wonder is […]