eGo Lanyard, E-Cigarettes and Masculinity

by CHRISon March 18, 2017
eGo Lanyards have become a bit of a phenomenon in Skegness, so I have been told. Actually, they are probably popular in many places or alternatively, it is equally possible, that they were only abundant in public for the seven days that my friend was in Skegness to make the observation. The anecdote is not […]

Kangertech EMOW Starter Kit

by CHRISon August 6, 2015
The new Kangertech EMOW kit is here! This is a top-of-the-line starter kit guaranteed to give a fantastic satisfying vape. The EMOW clearomizer is made of Pyrex glass and stainless steel, so acidic juices will not bother it. It holds 1.8mL of liquid and has a bottom changeable dual coil UPGRADED coil. It also features […]


G2 Vapor – E-liquid Review

by CHRISon August 26, 2014
Time for a long overdue e-liquid review! I received a few different flavors from G2 Vapor, and to be quite honest – I was pretty blown away. I got a gamut of flavors, just to see how well G2 could flex their mixing skills, and I’m damn impressed. Since i began getting into DIY’ing my […]

The Effects of Nicotine on Human Health

by CHRISon March 31, 2014
The American council on Science and Health has just released a PDF titled “Nicotine and Health”.  This 82 page report dives into the topics of nicotine, nicotine addiction, nicotine delivery, and more. Included in the report is a large section on e-cigarettes, their toxicology reports, and using them as a harm reduction or smoking cessation […]