Cloupor Vape Reviews

Gi2 Clone Review

by CHRISon February 23, 2017
The Gi2 was one of the first high-wattage custom box mods. With a big screen, and more power than you could ever need, I first saw it on YouTube. It of course was almost impossible to buy. Huge price and low supply truly made it into a impossible to find unicorn device. When the clones […]

Cloupor T8 150 Watt Box Mod

by CHRISon November 11, 2015
Cloupor just doesn’t want to be outdone. After seeing the IPV3, the Sigelei 100 Watt, and others, They’ve decided to step up the game from their Cloupor T5 device, and unveil the Cloupor T8. The T8 is a box mod capable of firing up to 150 watts. From the looks of the video below, we’re […]


Cloupor T6 Box Mod

by CHRISon September 23, 2014
Cloupor can’t stop, won’t stop. After the T5, and the T8, we’ve got another entry in the regulated box mod game, the Cloupor T6. The T6 runs on one 26650 battery, and can fire up to 100 watts. Perhaps the most interesting thing about this box, is the on-board charging by way of USB cable, […]

Wattage Wars

by CHRISon August 29, 2014
It is a glorious time we live in right now, some have even called it the “Wild West” of vaping.  We are at the end of this era however, as regulations are coming for better or worse.  But while one era is dying, another is gaining traction on a daily basis.  Regulated mods appear to be […]


Cloupor T5 50 Watt Mod

by CHRISon July 23, 2014
The folks over at Cloupor are (in)famous for bringing the Hana Modz clone to the masses. Was that good enough for them? Looks like that isn’t the case. They’ve now produced a regulated mod that they can call their very own. The Cloupor T5 50 watt mod is an all original design, and original it […]