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Lyfe Flavors Sour E-juice Review

by on October 28, 2017

There are several products available at Ejuice Deals. These products range from vape juices to vape kits and other hardware relevant to vaping. All the products available come from brands that are well-known in the vaping industry. You are able to check these out at the Ejuice Deals website. You will not find it hard to look for products here because Ejuice Deals makes sure that these are presented well. The great thing is the company is maintaining 100% customer satisfaction so you are sure that you get the best service.

There is some serious competition in the vaping industry these days. Ejuice Deals has been around for a while and goes out of its way to see to it that its customers stay satisfied. If you happen to be looking for quality, name-brand e-liquids then this is the best place to be. You for sure will get what you need at a very reasonable price.

Lyfe Flavors Sour E-juice is one of the products available at Ejuice Deals. This has the real flavor of a sour hard candy. This flavor tantalizes your taste buds. You will want more of this juice once you taste it for the first time.

Flavor Description

When you open a bottle of Lyfe Flavors Sour E-juice, you will smell the sour hard candy scent. This will make your mouth water right away. Once you inhale the vapor, you right away will taste the real flavor of sour hard candy. You will want to vape all day with this e-liquid. The good thing is there is no chemical aftertaste when you use the Lyfe Flavors Sour E-juice. Its flavor is so pure and the mix is made from exquisite ingredients. It is just amazing how this e-juice satisfies you with its rich flavor. You will not get tired of the taste because the sweetness and sourness are just right. You can have this as your everyday e-juice. The flavor is so tasty that you do not want to put it down. You can find other products with a similar flavor but Lyfe Flavors Sour E-juice is simply the best.

Nicotine Strength

Lyfe Flavors Sour E-juice has three levels of nicotine. You can choose from 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg nicotine concentrations.  

Throat Hit

You get a mild throat hit from this product. There is a sensation that you will feel as the vapor seeps in your throat and this does not hurt you at all.

Vapor Production

Lyfe Flavors Sour E-juice produces thick clouds. These clouds are impressively thick and these stay longer in the air. You can smell the sour hard candy scent from this juice which is pleasant to your nose.


You will notice that the packaging of Lyfe Flavors Sour E-juice is very colorful. The box is striped with the colors pink, yellow, green, and blue. It has the company logo clearly printed on the front. The information about the product is also clearly indicated on the box. When you pull out the bottle of this e-liquid, you will see that it has the same design as its box. The bottle is a chubby gorilla type. It has the bottle cap tightly locked in place.


Once you open a bottle of Lyfe Flavors Sour e-juice, your mouth will water right away because of the sour hard candy scent. All you want is to do is indulge right on in its rich flavor. When you inhale the vapor of this e-liquid, you can taste the real flavor of a sour hard candy. What you will notice is that there is no weird aftertaste from this product. This is really great because we do not want our e-liquids to have an awful taste.

You get the best service once you deal with Ejuice Deals. The products are clearly presented on their website. The great thing is once you order a product you will get it on time. You will also have the chance to avail of great deals once you go on the Ejuice Deals website.

Lyfe Flavors Sour E-juice is available at Ejuice Deals. You get the best value for your money because this product is so affordable. You are able to purchase a 100ml bottle of Lyfe Flavors Sour E-juice for only $14.00. this product is readily available at Ejuice Deals.

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