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Review 3 Popular Apple E-Juices from E-Juice Connect

by on April 23, 2017

The Apple E-juice flavor has been one of the most favorite flavors to use since vaping started. Here are 3 popular Apple E-Juices from E Juice Connect.

Swamp Thang by Ruthless 120 ml

This e-juice has a sour apple and tart taste that is coupled with the sweet candy notes of a Jolly Rancher on the side.

  • Flavor Profile  Sour green apple candy with hints of Granny Smith apples

  • VG/PG: 90/10

  • Nicotine Level: 0MG, 3MG, 6MG

  • Size: 120ML

It’s true that not every brand of juice is for everyone, That’s what makes us all individuals… we all have our personal tastes. This juice, Swamp Thang by Ruthless, is an excellent example of a vape liquid that I would find myself drawn towards in what little personal vaping time I have these days. I would say that it is a very a high-quality, well-crafted e-liquid. Ruthless is a blend of 3 fruits, and while each is present in the mix, first and foremost is the apple flavor which is well balanced between the sweet and tart varieties. It is similar in flavor to a green apple Jolly Rancher, but with a fresh, more natural edge, right down to a note of Granny Smith apple skin.

Both of the other flavors, strawberry, and peach, are well utilized, taking some of the bite out of the sour apple while giving it a rounder, softer tone. The strawberry is a bit more prevalent than the peach, with a ripe, juicy quality. Interestingly, it was practically absent from the profile for the first few hours I spent with Ruthless, but shortly after that, it became more pronounced, adding far more depth and dimension to the juice.

Regardless of how much time I spent with the juice (4 days total), or which device I ran it through, the peach never presented as more than a trace. It’s there, from the inhale through the finish, but it blends into the apple in such a seamless fashion, differentiating one from the other becomes quite difficult. So much so that I can’t say with any real certainty which peach concentrate is in play, be it a natural juicy peach type flavor, or a candied peach gummy variety.

Overall, the profile is a play on the standard sweet and sour dissonance, leaning a bit more towards the sweeter side of the spectrum. There is at times, a mild soapy undertone that permeates through this juice. For the most part, It’s barely noticeable, at times completely imperceptible, but other times it’s more apparent, albeit still relatively mild. Swamp Thang is another example of Ruthless’s well thought out recipes, made with high-quality ingredients, and crafted by skilled mixers. This premium e-juice can easily withstand high wattage, although taking it beyond 40 watts may cause the Apple to dominate the profile further. I found my sweet spot on my Duke/Nimbus set-up right around 35 watts. On a more standard rig (Kanger/510 dripping atty), I preferred Astro at an even 10w or 5v on a 2.5Ω dripper. Both rigs produce similar profiles, an average throat hit, along with a sizable plume of vapor.

Flavour Vapour Customer Satisfaction Overall Rating Price

List Price: $55.00
Buy Now: $18.99
Savings: $36.01



Green Apple Crispy Treats by Ethos Vapors – 60 ml

These Top Selling E-Liquids are so delicious it will make you want to but more.

  • Flavor Profile   Baked Green Apple and marshmallow cereal

  • Zero Diacetyl and less than 111ppm Acetyl Propionyl

  • Size:60ML(Combo offer 180ml)

Green Apple Crispy Treats has the additional flavor components of marshmallow cereal and apple flavors. A while back, I had the pleasure of reviewing the standalone Apple Crispy Treats, and it scored very well. The additional flavors in the Strapple version allow the exquisitely creamy marshmallow to play a dominant role in the overall profile, but the natural pear flavor, while still present and accounted for, takes a backseat to the Apple, which is of the sour green candy variety, similar to that of Jolly Rancher. The combination of the marshmallow crispy treats and the acidic pucker of the apple makes for an unexpectedly tasty vape. The natural pear and the sweet, fruity, baked apple flavors both play strong roles that help balance and round out the flavor profile. With a 2.5Ω atomizer, this juice has a nice big sweet spot of 4.5-4.8v yielding between 8 and 9 watts or so. I preferred it at 4.7v or just under 9 watts, which produced sweet, robust flavors while softening up the sourness of the apple just a tad, delivering a strong throat hit, and fluffy clouds of sweet and sour vapor.

Combo offer –Green Apple – Strawberry – Original Crispy Treats by Ethos Vapors

Flavour Vapour Customer Satisfaction Overall Rating Price

List Price: $120.00
Buy Now:: $31.99
Savings: $88.01

Cran-Apple E-Juice by Loaded – 120 ml

New cranberry apple combination that will keep you coming back for more!

VG/PG: 70/30

Weight: 12 oz

NicotineStrength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

Flavor Profile: Cranberry, Apple

Cran-Apple E-Juice by Loaded has a particularly good berry flavor. The company called Loaded, that makes this delicious juice, uses a skillful hand when blending to avoid the off flavors that a great deal of cranberry-based e-juices tend to carry. Their flavor is a blend of cranberry and apples, two of Michigan’s major cash crops. They come together in a seamless combination that is sweet, fruity, and well-balanced. The cranberry is sweet, like sugar coated berries, without the medicinal notes that often plague this flavor. The apple flavor that Loaded uses in the mix is that of a sour green apple. The tart pucker flavor is easily offset by the sweetness of the berry. At just over 9 watts or 4.8v on a 2.5Ω atomizer, the flavor is juicy with a nice balance of sweet and tart, delivering a stout throat hit and a solid cloud of fruity vapor.


Flavour Vapour Customer Satisfaction Overall Rating Price
List Price: $40.00
Buy Now: $15.99
Savings: $24.01
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