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Review of Limitless Pulse Innovative Pod System

by on July 24, 2017


Limitless Pulse is the latest product from Limitless which is a big name in the vaping industry. The device is designed like of a discreet pod system and has a refillable pod which has a 1.5ml juice capacity.

This device is easy to put in your pocket because it has a lightweight design. You can take it anywhere with you because of the size. The Limitless Pulse is aimed for those who want to quit smoking and shift to vaping. This product is really different from all the other pods available in the market because of its LED light display that can be changed.


The Limitless Pulse has a 1.5ml pod capacity and can be refilled for about 8-12 times on average. This pod has been designed so it can look like a discreet pen style. It is very lightweight and you are able to carry the device anywhere. It also is easy to put in your pocket. This pod also has a fixed power output of 8 watts. Limitless Pulse carries a 350mAh battery. You are able to charge this device using the USB port. It has a power button that is used to turn this device on and off. You can press the power button five times in order to turn it on and five times to turn it off. The product also comes with a LED light system.

Design and Quality

The Limitless Pulse has a futuristic look to it. It is small and lightweight which is really handy. Its pen style is designed uniquely and so is its LED feature. What makes this device really cool is you are able to change the LED light color by just pressing the power button.

This product carries a 350mAh battery and this already will make the device last for the whole day which is really convenient. The device can be charged using the USB port which is located on the side of its body. There are two small air flow holes that are located at the top of the device. It also has a fix power output of 8 watts. 

The Limitless Pulse is different from the other pod systems available on the market today. It carries a pod that has been pre-filled with e-liquids. This is a really great feature since you are able to choose an e-juice of your preference. Once you get a hold of this pod, you will notice that it is really easy to refill it. You just have to take off the mouthpiece of the pod and carefully open the silicone bung. There is an arrow mark on this silicon bung which makes it easy to locate.

Once you are done refilling the pod, you also need to let the e-juice sit for a few minutes. This will enable the wick to absorb the juice fully. Have it absorbed by the wick in full, you will prevent any burned taste or dry hits. Spare pods are also available separately and you are able to purchase them anytime.

The fire button of this device is located at the top which is really convenient. Pressing it five times will turn on or off the device. You also can change the LED display colors with the Limitless Pulse. There are different colors of red, cyan and light green. Additional colors are dark green, light blue and purple colors. If you also choose to turn the lights off you may do so by hitting the power button three times.

What’s In the Box

The box that carries the Limitless Pulse comes in a very presentable manner. Once you open the box you get the Limitless Pulse pod system. You also get a spare refillable pod and a USB charging cable. The box also includes a card that has the QR code. You are able to see the user manual once this code has been scanned.


This pod system works for everyday vaping. The Limitless Pulse has been designed to fit in your pockets easily and is very light. You are able to carry the device anywhere without worrying about how bulky it might be. This is one of the best looking pod systems that you can find on the market today. You also get to refill the pods 8-12 times which is really convenient for vaping. The best thing about this is it is affordable and if you buy it you get the best value for your money. The Limitless Pulse is available at https://www.urvapin.com/ for only $25.95.







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