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Review of Raz Berry by Good n’ Evil

by on July 18, 2017


Nicotine Strength  0mg 3mg 6mg

VG/PG  80/20

Bottle Size  60ml

Price  $ 18.99/60ml bottle


The taste of Raspberry that has been freshly picked from the garden can be tasted in this e-juice.


The bottle for this e-juice is made of aluminum and it has a black cover. The type of flavor for this product is clearly printed at the bottom of its bottle. The other essential information like bottle capacity and nicotine strength are clearly printed as well. You get to see right away what the contents in this e-juice are. There are also pictures of fresh raspberries on the bottle.

The Flavor

It feels like summer with this e-juice. The taste of fresh raspberries dominates the flavor. Once you inhale the juice, you get to taste a fresh tart taste right on and the sweetness follows as the juice sinks in. The sweetness is just enough for you to not get tired of the flavor. It seems as if you actually smell fresh raspberries once you open the bottle. When you smell the aroma of the raspberries, it will make you want to vape more. The rich flavor f the raspberries in the juice are very irresistible. You will want to keep coming back for more once your tongue is treated to this juice.

The e-liquid has a really simple profile yet the flavor tastes so real that you will forget that you are actually tasting e- juice and not genuine raspberries. There may be other e-juices that has a similar flavor available in the market, but this one is one of a kind.

Throat Hit

This e-juice has a mild throat hit. You do not feel any irritation once you inhale the juice. When you want to get a stronger hit, there is an option for the 6mg nicotine strength.  However, you can always opt for the 0mg if you just want to taste the flavor and not get a strong hit. Once you inhale the juice you get to feel a soothing hit at the back of your throat. This e-juice is worth trying and even if you are a beginner, this flavor will still suit you.

 Cloud Production

The Raz Berry e-juice by Good n’ Evil has VG/PG ratio of 80/20. A big amount of clouds can be produced once you exhale. The great thing about it is you can smell the raspberry flavor as the clouds linger on. The clouds do not disappear quickly with this e-juice. The smell of this juice is also not irritating to the nose.

Nicotine Strength

The nicotine level of this e-juice comes in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. This has been done by Good n’ Evil to provide vapers the nicotine strength of their choice. The 0mg will let you enjoy the rich flavor of raspberries without the hit. This is convenient especially for those that just want to enjoy the flavorful juice.

Where to Buy?

You may get a bottle of Raz Berry e-juice by Good n’ Evil on Strictly Juice. It can be purchased easily on their website. There are also other e-juices available on their website but if you are a fan of raspberry, then this is the right e-juice for you. The 60 ml bottle of the e-juice costs $18.99.

Final Verdict

Good n’ Evil has many other flavors and the Raz Berry is one of its best. Once you get to try this product, you will taste the flavor of real raspberries. You get the right amount of sweetness and you for sure will want for more once you taste this product. It is also a product that is the best value for your money. This e-juice produces plenty of clouds that can linger longer in the air. You can smell the raspberry flavor on the vapor which is really pleasant to your nose. The aroma will stay even after the clouds have disappeared.

Good n’ Evil made this exquisite blend so for sure, you will get the best experience when vaping. This can be bought on Strictly Juice’s website. You also will be surprised when it comes to the many products that they offer. What are you waiting for? Get one now!



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