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The Effects of Nicotine on Human Health

by on March 31, 2014

The American council on Science and Health has just released a PDF titled “Nicotine and Health”.  This 82 page report dives into the topics of nicotine, nicotine addiction, nicotine delivery, and more. Included in the report is a large section on e-cigarettes, their toxicology reports, and using them as a harm reduction or smoking cessation device. The article by and far even recommends that the government back ecigs as a healthier alternative to smoking.

We applaud Dr. Murray Laugesen, and hope more follow in his footsteps. Showing actual studies with real life products that the vaping community are using at large, and not trying to incite mass hysteria with unbacked study of some unknown unnamed device. There are far too many smear campaigns and fear mongering articles out there on the interwebs nowadays, so studies like this are just what our community needs.

Read the entire PDF here.

ACSH Website

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