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Sour Dream Original by Hold Fast Vapors Review

by on June 23, 2017

If you like gummy candy as well as the taste of lip-smacking sour fruits, then you will love Sour Dream Original E-Juice by Hold Fast Vapors. The e-liquid mimics the classic taste of sour fruit gummy candies. It has just the right balance of sweetness and tart to keep you from dropping your vaporizer.

Sour Dream Original is one of those rare e-juices that tastes exactly like what it is described as. You get the unmistakable taste of sour gummy candy when you vape it. There is also a hint of citrus in this e-juice. There is some orange and lemon in there, but it is difficult to pinpoint the exact citrus fruit flavors that were used.

Although Sour Dream Original is really sour, you will enjoy vaping this e-juice all day because the taste is balanced. On the inhale, you get a strong and sharp citrus flavor. And when you exhale, you get the sweetness of the gummy candy flavor more.

Sour Dream Original by Hold Fast Vapors is available in a 30ml and 60ml bottle. The orange and white bottle design of the e-juice closely resembles that of Sour Patch Kids candy, and that is just how it tastes. If you have sampled this candy, then you may have an idea of how this e-liquid tastes. It goes from sour to sweet in your mouth just like Sour Patch Kids candy.

Sour Dream Original comes with 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg of nicotine. The throat hit from the version of this e-juice with 3mg of nicotine is very subtle. If you are a light smoker, you will like it. The variant of the e-liquid with 6mg of nicotine has a much stronger and satisfying throat hit. The throat hit is by no means as intense as some e-juices with 12mg of nicotine or more. However, it will do the trick for heavy smokers.

Hold Fast Vapor’s Sour Dream Original comes with a VG and PG ratio of 70/30. Therefore, you will blow out massive clouds after each hit. Of course, the amount of cloud that you would produce after each draw depends on many other factors including the resistance and wattage that you are vaping with. Nonetheless, this is the kind of e-juice to choose if you want to impress your buddies with your cloud production.

The Sour Dream Original e-liquid comes with a child proof dripper cap so you can transfer it from the bottle directly to your atomizer tank and start vaping.

Sour Dream Original is manufactured by Hold Fast Vapors. The company, which is based in Orange County, Southern California, makes premium e-liquid blends for new and seasoned vapers. Hold Fast Vapors uses high-quality ingredients for its e-juice blends including 100 percent tobacco-free nicotine. Apart from Sour Dream Original, Hold Fast Vapors has other equally good e-liquid blends including Davey Jones Locker, Jaws, Mutiny, Pirates Bounty, and Port Royal.

You can buy a 30ml bottle of Sour Dream Original by Hold Fast Vapors for only $19.99 from the Volcano E-Cigs online store. It is also available on many other vape shops for around the same price.

The zest of Sour Dream Original will bring your taste buds to life. If you don’t like sour flavors, then this e-juice may not be for you. But if you like the timeless flavor of sour gummy fruit candies, then this is for you. This is hands down one of the best e-liquids on the market that was inspired by the flavor of gummy candy. Grab a bottle of this e-juice now, and you’ll not regret it.

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