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Wisconsin Dairy Co. Root Beer Float Review

by on June 29, 2017


Nicotine Level 0mg 3mg 6mg

Bottle Size 45 ml

VG/PG Not Specified

Price $10 /bottle

The Packaging

The bottle is manufactured from a food-grade aluminum container which is airtight, spill-proof and shockproof. These qualities make the e-juice inside maintain the Grade A quality that is specified on the label. The dropper, which looks like an udder is a nice size and definitely helps you fill your vape tank easily without a mess. Each bottle comes with 45 ml of e-juice.

The packaging for this flavorful e-juice is the same as the other e-juices from Wisconsin Dairy Co. The label is unique as it has a cow print pattern with a map of Wisconsin as its logo. It has a star on Kenosha Area, which is where the Wisconsin Dairy Co. is located. The flavor is nicely printed in front of the label.

The Flavor

Delicious flavors of e-juice play an important role in having a fun vaping experience. There are well over a thousand of e-liquid flavors available on the market. Whether you are new to vaping or a vet wanting to try some new ones, being able to experience many e-liquid flavors is definitely enjoyable. Based on their tagline; “The best milk comes from Wisconsin”, they strive to be the world’s best milk themed e-liquid. The Root Beer Float flavor of their e-juice is definitely nice and will give you an enjoyable vaping experience.

This e-juice has the sharpness of root beer and a creamy vanilla ice cream taste in it. This is delicious and definitely unique. It has a stronger root beer flavor and the creaminess of vanilla ice cream. You will feel a little spice of the root beer flavor in the end but that is expected. The fizzle that it gives will simply remind you of having your vanilla ice cream in a root beer. That is what you can expect; literally. Best thing I like about this is that literally tastes like a root beer float  It does not have a strong aftertaste. In my opinion, Wisconsin Dairy Co. might want to lessen the intensity of the root beer flavor and heightened up the vanilla ice cream flavor but nevertheless, the flavor is definitely fine as we all have a different taste preference.

Throat Hit

Throat hit is important especially when you are new to vaping or you may want to lessen your nicotine levels. This e-juice has gentle throat hit and it did not make me feel thirsty after. No itchy or tingling feeling and definitely it does not make you cough.

Nicotine Strength

As people switch from smoking to vaping, many tend to lower their nicotine level intake. Nicotine can affect the flavor of e-liquid. Over time, they focus more on the flavors than the nicotine content. As there are many flavors to choose from, many smokers shift from traditional smoking to vaping. This e-juice comes in three nicotine strengths; 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg.

Cloud Production

The clouds from this juice have a gentle smell of root beer with a kick of vanilla ice cream. It definitely gives you the feeling of indulging in a root beer float. If you love root beer floats, you will have this flavor first on your list. A bountiful amount of cloud can be expected as this product is max VG. It’s ideal for drippers and cloud chasers alike.

Where to Buy

This wonderful e-juice flavor is readily available at Vape Supply Club along with other e-juice flavors and devices.

Final Verdict

Wisconsin Dairy Co surely seized the real and actual flavor of a Root Beer float. It has no weird or strong aftertaste and it tastes exactly as it should. Although the root beer flavor is somewhat strong for me, this flavor is really superb. You get what you really expect.

As for the throat hit, it has a smooth and nice throat hit. It does not give you the feeling of dryness in your throat. This is one of my top choices in the multitude of e-juices available today. It did not make my throat itchy and no thirstiness after vaping. Definitely worth a thumbs up.

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