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Vaporesso FORZ TX80 Review

by Johnon November 11, 2020
The Vaporesso FORZ TX80 is one of the best durable vape mod devices out there. This is simply because of the value it offers to most vapers. It snuggles into the palm with its dimensions and weight. The FORZ also features a different design aesthetic with the inclusion of a brushed metal texture and classical […]

Replacement Suorin Drop Pods Review

by Johnon October 15, 2020
Replacement Suorin Drop Pods are designed for optimal use on the Suorin Pod, a premium vape device widely recognized for its cutting-edge anti-leak system, long-lasting battery, and high-level performance. Suorin Drop Pods come empty. There are no pre-filled options. The advantage of this is that you can choose to use which flavor you want with […]

Vuse Vype ePod Passion Fruit Review

by Johnon October 5, 2020
When you first inhale the specially blended Vuse Vype ePod Passion Fruit your mouth will fill up with the fresh tropical flavor of this fruit which has notes of pineapple, sweet papaya, ripe mango, citrus, and guava. It’s a sweet-tart flavor that is smooth and fruity fresh to vape and feels like it refreshes and […]

Vaporesso Barr Pod System Review

by Johnon September 12, 2020
The Barr is portable and will meet all your fashion needs. The slim figure comes with a modern design and developed Mesh atomization tank, Its appearance and taste will surprise you, The entry-level e-cigarette experience makes vaping easy. Besides, the innovative airflow system allows you to adjust in a safe and disorder-free manner. With Vaporesso […]

Vaporesso Xros – Review

by Johnon September 4, 2020
Our review today will be based on the pod-system from Vaporesso, the Xrox. Just as the Vaporesso Degree, Vaporesso Xtra, and Osmall, it is an MTL device optimized for use with nicotine salts. But while these other devices looked like carving out their piece of the pod system market, the Xros looks and feels like […]

Savage CBD Driven CBD Vape Juice Review

by Johnon August 14, 2020
Driven CBD vape juice from Savage CBD can be best described as a candied blueberry with notes of sour razzmatazz that will drive your taste buds wild. This e-juice is designed to work with any vaping device. Propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, Cannabidiol (CBD) Isolate, natural and artificial flavor concentrate are the ingredients that make up […]

Horizon Falcon Coils Review

by Johnon August 12, 2020
Sub-ohm vaping got a lot more exciting thanks to the Horizon Falcon! This tank is perfect for both flavor chasers and cloud chasers. The Horizon Falcon coils are one of the stars of the show. There are three different coils to choose fro for this device; F1 Falcon Coil, F2 Falcon Coil, F3 Falcon Coil, […]

Keep E-liquids away from children.

by Johnon May 20, 2020
While there is growing concern about harmful ingredients in some Make your own e-liquid, many parents believe vaping is safe for children and using the products around their children, new research has been found. According to a report published in Pediatrics, only one in five parents who use e-cigarettes have strict guidelines on vaping in […]

The vapers tongue- causes

by Johnon April 8, 2020
“Vaper’s tongue” is a disease in which a vaper loses the ability to taste vapor juice – suddenly and without warning. This is a very common phenomenon and you may experience it as you make your own e-liquid. This normally lasts 1-3 days but can last for up to two full weeks without being able […]

Smilyn Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture Review

by Johnon March 19, 2020
Smilyn Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture was created for people who want to benefit from CBD as well as the cannabinoids and terpenes found in the hemp plant. This product has been tested over and over again to ensure that you get nothing but the best. Smilyn Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture is created for people with […]