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Morph 40 Pod Kit by Smok Review

by Kwaoon June 24, 2021
Smok is one of the most popular brands offering premium vaping products. This company is based in China and is one of the pioneers of vaping devices. Out of the many devices by the Smok brand, the Morph 40 Pod Kit is one of the newest on the market. This Smok vape system has a […]

NIIN Citrus Chill Nicotine Pouches Review

by Kwaoon June 20, 2021
Nicotine pouches are portioned pouches of nicotine designed to be consumed orally. Nicotine pouches are usually using tobacco-derived nicotine. However, NIIN nicotine pouches are made with synthetic nicotine. These nicotine pouches are designed to be spit-free, odor-free, and you don’t have to chew them. Nicotine pouches can be used anywhere. Just place one between your […]

Wintergreen Tobacco-Free Nicotine Pouches by Niin Pouches Review

by Kwaoon June 10, 2021
Wintergreen Tobacco is a high-quality nicotine pouch released as part of the Zero Tobacco nicotine pouches collection by Niin Pouches. Wintergreen Tobacco has the flavor of fresh zing wintergreen. This nicotine pouch is designed to be easy to use. These Niin Pouches nicotine pouches offer health benefits including heart stability and even blood sugar levels. […]

Smok Acro Pod Kit Review

by Kwaoon June 8, 2021
Smok is a well-known brand reputed for its high-quality vaping devices. Acro is one of the latest vape kits in the Smok collection. Like other products in the Smok line, Acro is a top-quality device. It is durable and lightweight thanks to its zinc alloy chassis. The Acro weights 48g and will easily fit in […]

Menthol Icy Mint E-liquid by Nasty Salt Review

by Kwaoon May 31, 2021
Menthol Icy Mint is a classic e-juice released as part of the Nasty Juice nic salt collection. This vape juice gives you an icy minty blast. Although there are many mint e-liquids on the market, Menthol Icy Mint is arguably the best.It has a refreshing flavor that makes it ideal for vaping during summer. Menthol […]

OG Kush CBD Terpene Vape Liquid 500mg by CBDFx Review

by Kwaoon January 12, 2021
CBD-based vape juice are popular and widely used. The CBD market is packed, and there are different CBD flavors on the market. Out of the many brands offering CBD vape juice blends, CBDFx stands out. This US-based company has some finest CBD products on the market using state-of-the-art technology. CBDFx uses only high-quality, naturally grown […]

American Tobacco E-juice by Four Seasons Eliquid Review

by Kwaoon January 8, 2021
Among vaping enthusiasts, tobacco-based blends hold a special place. And there are many tobacco-based e-liquids on the market. American Tobacco is a superb tobacco-based e-juice by Four Seasons. This vape juice has a classic tobacco flavor with lasting natural flavors. American Tobacco can be considered as one of the finest e-liquid with its flavor. This […]

Review of the LUXE PM40 Pod Kit by Vaporesso

by Kwaoon December 17, 2020
It is safe to say we’re in the era of pod devices. There are numerous pod systems on the market to choose from today. Pod mods are a bit more advanced than the typical pod device. They come with bigger battery, a refillable tank, and so much one. The Vaporesso LUXE PM40 is the ultimate […]
Evolve Plus XL Wax Vaporizer Kit (2020 Edition) by Yocan Review

Yocan EVOLVE PLUS XL Wax Vaporizer Kit (2020 Version) Review

by Kwaoon December 15, 2020
The Yocan brand has popular for its durable vaping products. This company, based in China, has many premium products on the market. The Evolve PLUS, Wax Vaporizer kit, is the newest in the Yocan line. This device has a cool design and also works exceptionally well. The 2020 version of the Evolve PLUS, Wax Vaporizer […]

Juice Head Freeze Peach Pear E-liquid Review

by Kwaoon December 7, 2020
Peach Pear is a superb e-liquid and one of the finest in the Juice Head e-liquid collection. This e-liquid brand has an array of different exquisite e-juice flavors on the market. Vape juice blends by Juice Head are known to be top-notch. The Juice Head Peach Pear e-juice comes in three other alternatives. Juice Head […]